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Alima Pure is an absolutely incredible beauty brand. They are carbon neutral and give back to environmental initiatives while never testing on animals and creating the best quality makeup there is.

What makes them sustainable?

What doesn't make them sustainable? Alima Pure screams sustainability and is truly showing how its done in the beauty industry. They are carbon neutral, they give back to environmental initiatives, they use sustainable packaging, they use natural ingredients, never test on animals, what else can we say? They're amazing!

Do they have ethical policies in place?

Yes! They are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. They are very transparent about their production and source every ingredient as well as material sustainably.

Is their shipping carbon neutral or sustainable?

Alima Pure is a 100% carbon neutral company with Carbon Fund!

Is their packaging sustainable or recyclable?

Alima Pure uses minimal packaging and even has refillable bottles! Their paper and boxes are made from 100% recycled products and are recyclable.

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Located in:
Portland, USA.
Product range:

Natural eco-friendly makeup and accessories.


Cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, carbon neutral, gives back, ethical production, natural ingredients, palm-oil free.


1% for the Planet, Certified B-Corporation & 100% Cruelty-free.

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