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Nudi Goods was born out of the need to provide beauty products without all of the harmful plastic waste, which will eventually end up in the oceans.

What makes them sustainable?

The founder of Nudi Goods has seen the devastating effects of plastic pollution and single-use products on our planet through her work with marine conservation non-profits. She knew that there had to be a more sustainable option for beauty items, so sustainability has always been her main goal with Nudi Goods. They use recyclable and refillable tins for their products, and they always consider their impact on the environment before making any decisions. They are great.

Do they have ethical policies in place?

Yes! They are cruelty-free and only use beeswax in some of their products. They consist of a small team and all of the workers are treated fairly.

Is their shipping carbon neutral or sustainable?

Yes! Nudi Goods pays carbon offsets for every single order, how cool is that?

Is their packaging sustainable or recyclable?

They are a completely plastic free company. They opt to use sustainable packaging such as aluminum, bamboo, and glass for their products. Their shipments are sent in recyclable materials.

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Located in:
Santa Cruz, USA.
Product range:

Plastic-free and natural makeup, skin care, and home goods.


Cruelty-free, plastic free, natural ingredients, ethical manufacturing, palm-oil free.


None (they're super tiny and independently run!)

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