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For Passion Tree, everything starts with trees. They are a beverage company first, but an environmental company at a close second. They create perfectly refreshing hard seltzers from a creative mix of carbonation, 5.5% ABV, gluten-free ingredients, and all-natural exotic fruit flavours. Every time you purchase a case of hard seltzers from Passion Tree, they plant a tree where it is needed the most!

What makes them sustainable?

Their dedication to helping make our world a better place. Sure, they make legendary hard seltzers, but they also work diligently to ensure they make a positive impact on the world with their business. Passion Tree plants a tree with every purchase, and they have an ambitious goal to plant 50 million trees worldwide in 3 years!

Do they have ethical policies in place?

Yes! They carefully source each ingredient to ensure ethical practices. Plus, they never use animal products in their drinks.

Is their shipping carbon neutral or sustainable?

Passion Tree offsets their carbon emissions by funding reforestation efforts. They work closely with OurForest to plant a tree with every purchase!

Is their packaging sustainable or recyclable?

All of their packaging is entirely recyclable.

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United States of America
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All-natural, gluten-free hard seltzers.


Reforestation, gluten-free ingredients, sustainable production, natural ingredients, gives back to the community.


Gluten-Free Certified

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