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Business overview:

Software Startup Founders Academy helps software startup founders succeed by providing coaching, training, resources and an exclusive community of other founders to gain the best insights, experience, information and decision making. 

What makes them sustainable?

Software Startup Founders Academy feels that planting trees helps get to the heart of a lot of climate issues we face now and in the future. 

They plant a tree for every monthly membership subscription paid through Our Forest (plus a few more because they try to go the extra mile for the planet as well as our members). This empowers each of their members to make a real tangible impact in the world, simply by being part of their community.

What is Software Startup Founders Academy’s core value?

Giving back to the technology community and to the environment. We’re big believers in making change, which is why we want to help the generations to come regardless if it’s through achieving their dreams, helping our planets future, or funding fair-wage reforestation jobs in areas suffering from deforestation-related poverty.

What makes them sustainable?

Do they have ethical policies in place?

Is their shipping carbon neutral or sustainable?

Is their packaging sustainable or recyclable?

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£37.50 p/m

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Entrepreneurial Mentorship for Startup Founders


Giving back to people and the environment.


Global warming is here.
Help us fight it.

Fight the climate crisis & restore our world’s ecosystems for less than $9.85/month — Our Forest is the membership that erases your carbon footprint each month.

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